About Us

“I’ve been using lasers on my patients for well over 5 years with the most amazing results.”

Dr. D has always felt that doctors should be up to date with all to the new technologies and therapies available. Being up-to-date requires a lot of reading and continual learning at post graduate seminars. Though he is young, his knowledge base is deep and wide. You can get a sense of that by all of the information he makes available to his patients.

Because of his desire to stay on the cutting edge of new technologies, his practice has lead the industry in healing patients. Dr. D and Dr. P have the practice to help patients with severe low back pain using non-surgical spinal decompression, low level laser therapy, vibration therapies, and the most up-to-date protocols for spinal rehabilitation.

Dr. D’s work with lasers goes back over 5 years. Since learning of cold laser technology, he has helped treat a wide variety of conditions. Everything from chronic sports injuries, back pains acute and chronic, sinus issues, skin conditions, scars, etc. Now, with the Zerona Laser, Dr. Don is helping his patients slim down fast without the use of pills, lotions, diets changes, exercise changes, or risky surgery.

“I used to joke with my patients. I’d ask them if there was anything else I could do to help them with their health. They’d reply, ‘ya, can you get rid of my extra fat without me exercising or changing my diet?’ And I’d say, ‘hold on, let me get my magic wand.’ Well… that’s now reality!”

Dr. D is a firm believer that surgery should be a last resort. New patients seek his services because he continues to keep his patients from undergoing the knife. Again, Dr. Don continues to lead the field with the most advance technology and amazing results.

Dr. D used to be 60 pounds heavier than his current weight (we won’t say how much that is). And he lost that weight through hard work – lots of sweating and lots of diet changes and lots of self-control and lots of emotional work. He knows how difficult it is to be overweight. He knows how people treat you differently. He also knows how hard it is to lose it. He thinks now how easy it would be to lose the weight if he had this technology way back then. His patients are using his system to accomplish many goals: jump-start their weight loss program, firm up for a wedding or special engagement, get ready faster for bikini season, or simply get rid of those fat pockets that just won’t go away no matter how hard you work out that area.