For Doctors

Dear Doctors / Health Care & Fitness Professional

Welcome to this portion of my website!

I hope that you will find this website useful for your reference and for your patients.  You are more than welcome to forward your patients to my website for information regarding the Zerona Laser.

I imagine that you have a Zerona laser yourself… or perhaps considering one.  I must say that my patients love it.  It is human nature to want to see fast results.  Two-three weeks is a very short time period for a patient to lose 4 inches or more. Especially, when it is completely safe, has no negative side effects, and so easy for patient to comply.

There are many joyful moments in practice, one of the top is seeing the overflowing joy of patients as they see and feel the improvement in their shape and health.  I’m sure you know what I mean.

If you have any question – clinical, patient management, etc. – Feel free to submit a question in the area on this page. That question will be passed on to me and I will respond at my earliest convenience.  In your question, please let me know if you would NOT like to your question posted on my blog.  If you have the question, chances are someone else will have the question as well – it will same me time in the long run to post the answer there.  I will keep all question anonymous when posted… though I will respond to your question directly via email.  Please understand, just like you I am very busy, so please do not expect a response immediately.

If you do not have the technology, but would like your patient to pursuer the Zerona Laser technology and my program, I’m happy to consult with them.  There are two way that I prefer to support your patients:

  1. Simply have your patient contact one of my offices, instruct them to inform my staff that you referred them, and they will be scheduled for the earliest available appointment.  Or,
  2. Fax my office your patient’s information.  We will expect their call, and should they not call within 48 hours, we will inform you of such.

As a courtesy, my office will then inform your staff of outcome of that consultation.  And send them back to you for follow-up should that be your desire.

Should you have any new information regarding the Zerona Laser or any clinic suggestion for our patient that you like to share with myself and you colleagues, please submit it below and I’ll be sure to give you credit on the blog.

Thank you for visiting and participating in my website.