The Best Way to Get Your Digestive System Ready for Zerona

Because you asked for it and because you are not getting the support from your doctors and health care professionals, I’m here to tell you about what I recommend for my patients.

When I sit down with a person who is interested in getting Zerona laser done, BUT I discover a significant potential challenge from their digestive system I have a conversation similar to what I’ll be sharing with you in this article.

The laser is great at doing two things – breaking up the fat particle into its smaller component parts (liquefying it) and opening natural channels that exist in the fat cell wall. This allows the fat to seep out into the interstitial tissue. That’s where the work of the Zerona laser stops. It is then up to your body to do the rest – specifically the lymphatic system. Your lymphatic system will gather that “debris” and carry it to the liver to be processed then you eliminate it through a bowel movement.

So, if you are backed up in your digestive system – that can present itself as a bottle-neck. In other words, the lymphatic system wont want to carry something to an area that already has a traffic jam.

That’s why I am such an advocate for a good moving system.

So if you have a digestive problem, this article is for you – EVEN if you are not considering Zerona!

Lets define digestive problem.

Your food takes about 4 hours to be broken down and digested and to move though your digestive track. Which makes sense, as we should be eating about every 4 hours. In fact, the process of eating stimulates your nervous system to have a bowel movement.

So yes, I am saying you should have 3 full bowel movements a day.

Now get this… if you eat 3 meals a day… but have a bowel movement only once every two days… this is a problem! Essentially you are like 5 to 6 meals behind! Right?

Unfortunately most people eat poorly. And those that eat “healthy”, determine that “healthy” label by comparing themselves to others and by going off their GENERAL knowledge of “healthy” eating.

While that is a good start, it is not adequate for people who have a problem. If you have a problem, then we need to move past the “general” and get “specific”. So for you, you need to determine your food sensitivities – there are many.

Most people may do a cleanse by just taking some capsules to “cleanse” the body, while making not changes to their eating habits. In other words, they are hoping to clean themselves but not giving any attention to removing the toxins that they have in their daily diet.

Simply – you’ve got to get the dog out of the mud before you try to wash the dog.

The best program that I have experienced and witnessed is a doctor supported program. You wont find this on the shelf at your drug store or at you vitamin shop.

This program I recommend is also a food elimination diet. In other words, I want you to find out what foods you are sensitive too – there are many!

This program at first does not appear easy. Rather, it requires a lifestyle change for 21-days.

Did I mention it requires a lifestyle change?

If not… guess what… it requires a lifestyle change!

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