When You Can’t Look At Yourself In The Mirror Any More…

That’s it! I can take it any more!

No more excuses!

The holidays and being newly married have been terrible for my midsection! Happy as can be, but angry with how I’ve let myself go.

So as of now I am back on the band wagon.

I’ve been helping patients to lose inches with Zerona and weight with my program, it time for me to start a fresh new program to get into shape!

So, this blog is the first in the series of getting my act in gear!

I will be sharing my results as I go. Ugh… yes, I will share with my before number and then my progress numbers.

I cant believe I’ve let myself go for so long. I guess my wife spoils me. Its nice to be in a relationship where love is beyond superficial. J

Once you are FINALLY SO sick and tired of looking at yourself in the mirror and discussed with yourself, you’ll finally take sincerely 100% effort to make a change. That’s me.

How about you?

Are you there yet?

Well, I am. So here is what I’m going to do.

I’m going to treat myself with the Zerona laser. I am going to get back to my healthy eating after I go through my nutrition regimen. I’m going to get back to exercising at least 3 days a week.

My goal is to lose 3 or more inches from my waist and 15 pound or more from my body weight in one month! Can I do it? I think so… but its going to take some energy and time.

Eeks! I’m so busy already… but this is important… after all, what more important that your health?

Thank you for reading my latest article, and I encourage you to leave any questions and comments you may have below.

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